Santa brought some new mats over the weekend, expanding our outdoors to almost an extra 1000sqft of space. Hard work did not go by the wayside over the holidays when intentions were to rest. Trying to keep our facility, fitness level, and program growing better week by week. More to come next week!

Also pretty cool to see this perspective of the gym with the buildings towering over hype in the darkness. Just a few months ago it was a grass field..

Today's WOD

A.) deadlift

- heavy set of 5

B.) WZA 2015 splits and jumps


Burpee box over 30/24"

DB split snatch 70/55

Crossfit hype - 374 e palmetto park rd, boca raton FL 33432

Crossfit hype - 374 e palmetto park rd, boca raton FL 33432

Olympic weightlifting + yoga clinic

Olympic Weightlifting Snatch Clinic + Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Saturday, January 9th. Starts at 10am. Come to both, or come to just one, but come and get your movement patterns aligned at HYPE.

Snatch clinic :

1 hour session will consist of hypes dynamic technique warm up, position progression, individual assessment and the changing of potential technique hazards that limit success, as well as a 20 minute max out session.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga :

Linking poses fluently with breath and music to keep you engaged. Yoga designed for the athlete will help increase your flexibility, balance, focus, breath capacity, coordination, and strength. This all put together in effort to help you perform better, experience less soreness, and reduce risk of injury.

$20 gets you in to both classes.

We will be fully staffed with up to 6 olympic lifting coaches.

Put January 9th down in your calendar! This is the 1st of many two hour lift and stretch clinics.


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12 days of Christmas, 9am only

Your present, is death πŸ’€πŸŽ…

9am only.

If your gym isn't doing this version of 12 days.. Your gym isn't doing 12 days of Xmas.

"12 days of Christmas, CrossFit Invictus style"

100m run

2 snatches 155/105

3 thrusters 155/105

4 muscle ups

5 burpees

6 toes 2 bar

7 chest 2 bar pullups

8 kb swing 70/53

9 box jumps 30"/24"

10 handstandpushups

11 ground 2 overhead 155/105

12 man makers

You complete the workout, just as you would sing the song..







The cap is 45 mins. Let's get real. Merry Christmas .


All lifts because 12 days of Xmas WOD 2mrw

But please, just one πŸ‘†πŸΆπŸ πŸ’ #FerociousPitbull

Wednesday looking like Friday with lifting and accessory only... 12 days of Christmas is about to go down on Thursday... So save your wodding for then..

A.) strict weighted pullup


B.) Power clean

Work to a heavy single

C.) accessory work

3 rounds - nft

10 Clean grip RDL

5 barbell row