2019 WODAPALOOZA Online Qualifier! Starts This Week! SIGN UP TODAY! 20% Code for HYPE members!

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The 2019 WODAPALOOZA online qulaifier is upon us once again.

Wodapalooza has meant so much to us over the years, so we want to continue to show everyone around us how special it really is!

The online qualifier is very much like the "CrossFit Games OPEN" as EVERYONE can compete!

The entire gym will be doing the workouts in class, so it's a great form of accountability to join in on the qualifier and input your scores to test yourself.

Whether you know it or not, you've been training for this :-P

Our strength cycle coming to a close next week allows us to be at our strongest for when it really counts! That is why we train the way we do.. started 8 weeks ago doing low weight for high reps, and as the weeks progressed, we cut the amount of reps and added weight... so now YOU'RE READY.

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The individual online qualifier is 3 weeks long. consisting of 6 total workouts!

We will be doing a workout on Friday in class, and a workout on Saturday in class to ensure we give the workout our full attention!

Every Monday you will input your scores into your online profile to make sure you are in the computer on Wodapalooza website.

Once we have all finished the individual qualifier we will all jump on TEAMS and do the team qualifier that begins in November!


I WANT EVERYONE TO SIGN UP FOR INDIVIDUAL FIRST! Get used to the environment and get ready to compete! Also.... The gym can win big prizes if we have the most amount of signups... including another Assault runner, an Assault Air bike, More jump ropes... AND

A private YACHT trip around Miami Bay the weekend before WZA.

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Sign up for you and sign up for the gym! Lets win this! The more people we have the better chance we've got!


Here is a special 20% off code from WZA to enter as well! They made it special for us because of how much commitment we have to this event.

code : ...lol you playin... message me for it and I'll dish out the goods :D

www.Wodapalooza.com to register.

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Email us, message us, or comment if you have any other questions.





One of Amalia's last days in the state, and what is her choice?



make us better humans :)

While practicing yoga last week during International Yoga Day, I made sure to approach Amalia to ensure she could be with us just one last time.

While personally, always being in search of how to be a better coach, or person for that matter, you can easily recognize others who are doing special things inside of their own field of work.

That is why she will ALWAYS be with us, regardless of where their travels bring them.

Here is a short message from her to us on what they are doing!

———A letter to my Hype peeps:————

Chase and I aren’t running from a life we don’t love anymore. We don’t hate our jobs, we are not sick of the beach.. in fact we love so much about our lives here. We love our work, our friends, our home, neighbors and neighborhood. Tho not rich, we are not struggling financially.

So why leave?? Why sell a business I grew into success in just 3 years? Why leave a position and qualification that took 8 years at a University and 5 years of working experience for Chase to achieve?

Because we know we can do better, be better, see more, do more, help more people, have more time with family, more time with Mother Nature and more opportunities to go outside our comfort zone, challenge ourselves and reach our potential.

Our new wellness brand www.amaliamarialee.com will offer resources for people no matter what their financial situation, schedule, or skill level. It will provide practical guidance on stress and pain relief, nutrition and supplementation, meditation and breathing techniques as well as being a resource for at home functional fitness.

Workshops, retreats.. all kinds of fun stuff.. to get the message out that YOU are your own expert and YOU have the wisdom within to live a joyful life, in a healthy body. We are going to travel all over and I’m going to teach at any box or studio that will have me.

Crossfit Hype, Temprance Training, yoga, Pilates.. it’s all based on a premise that is so near to my heart that we are both betting our lives on it..

**The body has great power to not only transform itself, but the mind and the spirit as well. **

As we do conscious and constructive work with our bodies, our minds become more conscious and constructive as well. We can overcome bad habits, addiction, depression, negative self concept, even prejudice and anger.. when we immerse ourselves in the common experience of being in the body and enjoying the simple fruits of hard work and listening to ones inner wisdom.

Hype is a family.. our family.. and we do not relish leaving you or the gym... 😢

But we will represent you well, we will bring what you have taught us everywhere we go and we will never stop cheering for you guys.

I personally would love one more chance to get my hands on you before we hit the road 💜💜. So hope you can make it on Sunday July 1st at 1015.. for a little yin/yang yoga/pilates love.. Your body will thank you and so will I.


Amalia and Chase

—————Please join us this Sunday!—————

next week,

Wednesday is JULY 4TH!

We will only have a 9am class.

Be HERO WOD ready.

Then following the workout @ 1pm

If you are not already busy, Coach BEN will be holding a pool party at his new place!

If you're feeling festive, bring your own special dish.. to then be judged and ridiculed on how much better ours are..

If Interested just hit us with an email to RSVP and we'll forward you the address!

See you this weekend!!



9am this Memorial Day Monday we will be Honoring lieutenant Micheal Murphy

(Read about Murph here :

http://www.navy.mil/ah_online/moh/murphy.html )


1 mile run

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Air Squats

1 mile run

RX : wearing a 20/14lbs weight vest. Un-partitioning the reps.

A warm up followed by 3 heats, running every 10 minutes.

Heat 1: RX

Heat 2 : un-partitioning, no vest

Heat 3 : partitioning / scaled

(Partitioning options :

5 rounds

20 pullups

40 pushups

60 air squats

20 rounds

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 air squats

Scaled options :

1/2 murph (everything in half and partition as needed)

See you tomorrow morning!

....The more rain, the merrier :-P ... be excited for it.

Bring a towel to stay dry! Bring cold water / a water bottle for your workout as well!

Only rule for the day, NO COMPLAINING... WE ARE HONORING A FALLEN HERO. WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH, IMAGINE YOURSELF IN THEIR SITUATION... complaining doesn't make things easier, nor faster.. So save your energy and keep moving!




A look inside the end of our week

Its open season.

A look inside the end of our week

1.) Musti goin yard in Open Workout 16.2. One of his final cleans at 315lbs in the final round.

0:00-4:00 25 Toes 2 bar / 50 DoubleUnders / 15 squat cleans 135,

4:00-8:00 25/50/13 @ 185,

8:00-12:00 25/50/11 @ 225,

12:00-16:00 25/50/9 @ 275,

16:00-20:00 25/50/7 @ 315... death by. Finish the round under the clock or take a seat..

2.) Saturday mornings gymnastics work lead class in to some HandStand walk progressions... and in true fashion, lace up lets race 100’ for time.

3.) Finishing up the week of 2016 open workouts start to finish with a team format of 16.5. Thrusters and bar facing burpees.







Difficult tasks

The hardest tasks are usually the most gratifying.

You may not place the best but it’s in that place where you may learn the most.

Took over 5 minutes to make one rep. But this was the turning point. The point where we now let the bag roll off our shoulder and learn to LOVE the difficulties that stand in front of us.

Walk face first in to what may seem impossible.... you may surprise yourself 😈😈😈





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