CrossFit Fundamentals | On-Ramp Program

There is a stark difference when comparing what CrossFit HYPE does within our facility and what a "normal" gym regimen consists of. We want to promote perfection in our movement patterns and safety within our programs, so the fundamental classes are required for ALL to take. We want to uphold the integrity of what our programs were built upon (creating elite fitness), and have everyone moving safely and effectively. Poor movement promotes poor results, move like a professional and results are soon to come.

Our fundamentals program runs for 3 individual sessions based on your schedule. Each day builds upon the previous session. Fundamentals sets EVERY individual, with any level of fitness, up for success within our daily group CrossFit classes. After we learn basic premise on nutrition, calisthenics, Olympic lifts, power lifts, gymnastics movements, and different endurance modalities, we incorporate them in a shorter intense workout for you to get a feel of what CrossFit is all about. If we mix all different types of movements, rep schemes, time frames, and efforts together, it makes for one incredible fitness program that prepares you for WHATEVER you have the will to do.

Fundamentals : Three 1 on 1 sessions - $100

The price may deter you, but we can promise you will absolutely get your moneys worth in our fundamentals program, regardless of fitness level. 

Your membership will commence once you have completed the 3 sessions

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Private Training –

Hour long classes where HYPE coaches can focus on your deficiencies and help you elevate your performance. Instead of shying away from things you suck at, lets attack them full force and turn it into a strength! Our goal in CrossFit is to make you a jack of all trades and capable of anything physically related. With the 10 general skills of fitness, body composition goals, nutrition needs, competition/race planning or programming etc. there is a LOT to tackle so let us help you with our professional private training. Guaranteed to take your fitness and mental status to the next level where we can spend time individualizing on your specific needs. (See Private Training Page)

  CrossFit HYPE / HYPE Weightlifting, The Closest CrossFit Gym to Mizner Park and Palmetto Park Beach In East Boca Raton

CrossFit HYPE / HYPE Weightlifting, The Closest CrossFit Gym to Mizner Park and Palmetto Park Beach In East Boca Raton