Get in the best shape of your life.

Personal Training:

Our Personal Training program is designed to fit you as an athlete.

Whether it be : 

specific movement - (Olympic lifts / Gymnastics / Conditioning)

specific intensity - (unfamiliar with certain movements and may need a specific scale for ability with more in depth technique ques / how to prepare for certain workouts with pacing or mental approach / preparing for a competition and how to acclimate appropriately for your athletic level)


want something completely different than a CrossFit / Olympic lifting program? We design functional fitness programs with a lower intensity protocol for those that are looking for health and fitness, just looking to approach it from a bit different of an angle. We believe CrossFit can be for everyone, but we also know that not everyone wants to do it. We are here to bridge the gap with using a high level of variance in our programs + movements that are carryovers from our successful lifting / Olympic lifting / power lifting / CrossFit programs. we are going to give you all you can ask for in terms of a functional fitness programed designed for your needs. 

You will get more than just intensity of a workout, you will get a seasoned and trained eye overlooking every repetition you perform. Our group classes offer this on a more borad but it is a great place to get 1 on 1 training if you are new to CrossFit or if you simply need someone to push you to get the results you want. 

Personal Training Rates

$60 per hour 

Personal Training Programming

$75 per month + membership fees. We set up your personal and private programming for you to complete during any hours we are open.

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If you are a competitor and feel you need an extra edge on the competition, our custom programming will turn you into a problem for other competitors.

Endurance - Training for a 5k run or ride/ 10k run or ride/ marathon/ duathlon/ triathlon / any length of road race. We can program your nutrition and fitness activity in a way that will lower your times and allow you to push past your normal limits with extra work on top of the CrossFit workload.

Olympic/Power lifting competitor - Custom programming to bring you up through the classes of your sport, regardless of your level. With the at hand knowledge and understanding of what it takes to succeed at a higher level, come ask about private coaching and bang some bars with us to make some serious gainz.


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