Work Harder


"Don't . Get . Comfortable.

Sitting here finishing up my second training session of the day. The only gym in town that is still open at 10pm.. With an owner, still working, to be better. 

"Labor Day" - the day american workers get to take a day off. 

While you were resting, we were working.

Too many excuses, vacations, injuries, rest days.. Not enough work.

Confidence is bread through smart, willful, and relentless work. You want to succeed? Work harder than everyone." - Rob

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Today's WOD


back squat

5x5 @ 78%

B.) max reps -

3 min AMRAP 

Burpee cluster 135/95*


3 mins rest


3 min AMRAP 

10 chest 2 bar pullups

10 sit-ups 

*you will do a burpee, followed by a squat clean thruster. As many singles as possible. Working on speed of re-gripping the bar once dropped within a short time frame.