Hurricane Musti

Hurricane Musti scared away Hurricane Matthew with some 475lbs back squats.

Shutters still over the windows. rain, wind, or flooding we weren't planning on stopping. Ya'll know where to find us when your gym closes.








Saturday team WOD

WZA qualifier #7 remake - 20 min AMRAP

Teams of 3

10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2

Hang power clean*

Burpee over bar

Toes 2 bar

*RX : adding weight after each full 10-2 is completed - 135/165/185/205/225

** each partner relays a round tagging out after the completion of the 3 movements

Coach Tim Mustion squatting - CrossFit hype 

Coach Tim Mustion squatting - CrossFit hype