This video is one that has had probably most influence in my search of fitness... When I saw this 5 years ago it was truly when I decided I wanted to heighten my level of fitness enough so that I can do this workout with the same intensity upon which Rich Froning has here..

He did this workout, in the back of regionals when he was competing on a team... Because there wasn't enough workouts in a day for him... The logistics are disgusting... This is CrossFit. Prepare for the unknown.

Today's WOD

A.) "KING KONG" - 12 min cap

3 rounds for time

1 deadlift 455/295

2 muscle ups

3 squat cleans 250/165

4 hand stand pushups

The deal with this WOD... RX or scaled. It requires lots of warm up, lots of strength, and lots of plates. So if you're beasting out, you do RX, if not, you do scaled. No in between today.


3 rounds

10 deadlift 155/105

10 pullups

5 squat clean 155/105


B.) accessory work - nft

3 rounds

10 strict pullups

10 KB row