Nutrition challenge

HYPE Nutrition Challenge

6 Week Challenge starting January 1st! Are you in?

January 1st - February 11th

On the last week of the challenge we will be hosting a mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Analysis at HYPE (Saturday, February 11th)

Two Tier Challenge Options

Tier 1 - $75

Weekly 15 minute meetings with assigned coach (6 in total). Meetings will cover personalized macronutrient profile, current bodyweight/composition vs. desired bodyweight/composition, weekly adjustments and weekly macronutrient goal setting.

Tier 2 - $150

Weekly 30 minute in-depth meetings with assigned coach (6 in total). Meetings will cover everything provided in Tier 1 along with nutrient timing/partitioning, supplements and fueling for multiple training sessions per day/increased volume (AV Athletes). Want to learn to eat and train like the HYPE coaches? Tier 2 is your best bet!

HYPE will also offer two seminars options to breakdown how to calculate macronutrient profile/baseline caloric intake for everyone participating in the challenge (Tier 1 and Tier 2). These will be offered on Dec 19th from 7-8pm & Jan 2nd 7-8pm.

Be on the lookout for a signup sheet at the gym in the next couple of days. The more the merrier, let's keep each other accountable and bring on the new year, and the OPEN, with the fittest community in South Florida!

Today's WOD

A.) push press

Heavy set of 7

B.) 12 min cap

40 box jumps 30/24"

20 shoulder 2 OH

20 box jump over 30/24"

RX : 155/105

SC : 115/75

RX+: 185/125