"A big part of my day to day has been doing things to make me "feel" good and prepared to perform at my best.

My eating, my programming, my rest, the people I concern myself with, etc. I stay doing what works, and I stay around those that keep me working.

Anthony Fazio has been an integral part of my success mentally and physically. I know if mentally I'm in the right spot, I can push beyond where I was yesterday. He always expects the best out of me every, single, day and I thank him for that. He has helped us create an incredible community, and a lot of the work he does goes unsaid/unnoticed as it's just who he is... But I'm proud to have him apart of our team, and I want to wish him a happy 40th birthday.

This is a picture of the original stencil we were going to put on our wall... But he couldn't hold the pose for hours... We've come a long way in a short time!!

Going to be a great year.






A post from my personal page. Happy Birthday Faz. 

Today's WOD



Work up and hit 90% +/- 3%


3 rounds

7 thrusters 135/95

7 muscle ups

10 snatch 135/95

RX+ : 165/100, 15 muscle ups

Scaled : 95/65, 15 Burpee pullups

 Anthony Fazio, Coach/athlete  - CrossFit HYPE - Boca Raton, FL

Anthony Fazio, Coach/athlete  - CrossFit HYPE - Boca Raton, FL