New breed

17 years old. 6th place overall in the region, 88th in the world currently in this open.

1st session : 630am, retested open workout 16.4. Resulted in a score of 186 reps (21 hand stand pushups)

2nd session: 4pm, opened up with a 200lbs front squat. Followed by the daily WOD.

New breed of young girls... Tearing the face off of the future ahead.








Today's WOD

A.) EMOM 10

1 Snatch , ascending in weight every minute

B.) 3 rounds for time

16 DB snatch 55/35

200m run

8 squat snatch 115/75

200m run

 Video posted @crossfithype #CrossFitHYPE and  

Video posted @crossfithype #CrossFitHYPE and