Open workout 13.5

Pushing to be difference makers. We all need to be pushed. Whether it's by life, or by an acquaintance... settling is for the weak. Step up and ask more from yourself. This is the only life you have!!

Today's WOD

A.) open workout 13.5

4 min AMRAP*

3 rounds*

15 thrusters 100/65

15 chest 2 bar pullups

*if you complete 3 rounds, you advance immediately to next round. 4 minutes is added to your time, 3 more rounds are to be completed.

4 min AMRAP**

3 rounds**

15 thrusters

15 chest 2 bar pullups

*this process repeats itself, adding 4 minutes and 3 rounds, until you are capped and cannot complete the full 3 rounds, that were added, within the time domain.


4 min amrap

10 thrusters 75/55

10 pullups

* same format as above.

B.) front squat

Heavy set of 5