If progress had a nickname, it'd be Maddie.

Does 17.3 scaled because she had just gotten pullups weeks before and was unsure if chest 2 bars were a possibility..

she ended up finishing the workout scaled in under the time cap.. a feat on its own.. while doing jumping assisted pullups.

assessed the situation.. watching others go before and after her.

figured that sht can't be that hard and decided to SEND it RX no less than two heats later in a "if you can do it so can't I" kind of way....

and got 28 chest 2 bar pullups (4 rounds completed) RX in this workout....

Are you joking???

Let's. GO.



Today's taper workout

A.) 0:00-20:00

snatch complex

Touch n go

Work up to a heavy triple

B.) 20:00-35:00

4 rounds - for time

450m run

14 toes 2 bar