Prizes for 17.5!

17.5 update on HYPE Gymnastics. Make sure to check it out!!

17.5 will be here before you know it! These 3 guys aren’t afraid! They're ready to destroy the workout with help from these top CrossFit brands.

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▪️Knee sleeves by @exosleeve

▪️Fueled by @perfectfuelmeals, @myorganicjuice, & @gofropro

▪️Programming by @crossfithype & @athleticvolume

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Today's WOD


A.) overhead squat


3xME @ 70-80%


B.) 2 rounds for reps


1 min ME : ring dips

1 min ME : Calories on assault bike

1 min ME : box jump overs 24/20

3 min rest