We are just getting started, as the season has only just BEGUN ..



This is not on accident. Set a goal, write it down, make it real, and execute. Stay focused towards that goal and try your hardest to not get side tracked, as someone else is trying to get to the finish line just as hard as you.





Today's WOD


NEW CYCLE BEGINS TODAY. The books aren't shut yet on this season, but as it looks right now, regionals are 9 weeks away... so we're riding this cycle until then.


A.) back squat


5x9 @ 55%


B.) Ring Muscle up work


- technique fixes -


10 minute EMOM

2-4 muscle ups per minute


(Pick a set and stick with it the whole time, as the weeks progress we will grow the sets as well as change the time domains for lower and higher difficulty)


(If no ring muscle ups work on attempts and pullups)


C.) HYPE Gymnastics program or athlete accessory


3x20 banded strict pullup (everyone use bands and we will ensure better arm endurance)