Sun shining

Fazio's success : training smarter.

When your body is saying something, listen to it. Listening doesn't mean DO NOTHING, it means change your approach to ensure progress can still be made. Through the ailments he's had, he still finds a way to do something to better himself. Showing up to do the work that works for him is the key.

After consistency, the sun will eventually shine, and when it does... it will shine bright! Just keep moving forward. Faz has done that, and when things felt good on Monday's snatch volume session, he sent it and threw up a, no misses, 255lbs snatch.

He competes this weekend with Neil and Jason at the Freakin CrossFit Throwdown, so we will be there supporting both Saturday and Sunday!

Relatively normal schedule this weekend with a few small adjustments. Amalia has an expo she is doing some work with, so the 11am will be a general mobility class ran by the coaches after we work out at 10am. We'll spend 30-40 mins stretching out post workout then head on down to watch the team compete. I will also say that open gym at night will start later dependent on heat times , but that is yet to be decided.

Today's WOD

hero wod remix

4 rounds

800m run

200m suitcase carry 70/53

50m OH carry - right

50m OH carry - left


40 year old, Anthony Fazio, snatching 255lbs. Video posted on