Regionals reflection

The weekend we have all worked so hard for.


We went to Atlanta with a purpose, and came back feeling fulfilled in another way.



I feel we showed what the true essence of competing is...



In the face of adversity, handle yourself with poise and continue to work diligently on the task at hand, regardless of the hand you are dealt.


Stay optimistic when all goes wrong and against you.



When you're down and out, with what you think as nothing left to give, get up, and ask for more.


Stay composed when frustration sets in.



I want us to be recognized as a facility full of integrity.



Our regionals takeaway is OPTIMISM towards the future. The work is right in front of us and we are ready for the task.


This is HYPE and we work harder.









The CrossFit Games



Tuesday's WOD

a.) bench press


b.) 13 min cap




double unders


rx+ : 40-30-20-10 hspu / 100du each round