I want these boxes of goods for the Florida Keys to be OVERFLOWING by Monday night.

Sometimes it's hard to put into perspective what devastation feels like if it's never happened personally... we got lucky... somewhere not too far from us, not so much...

I know all of that supplies you bought to ensure your well being is going, mostly, unused. Bring it here, or go get some more, and we'll get it to those people who are stuck in need.

FOOD - baby food (no glass), peanut butter, cereal, protein bars / granola, fruit cups, pop-top canned goods, easy open meals.. etc.

CLOTHES - clothing, blankets, towels, socks, underwear... look around the house and give some stuff up you know you have excess of... my closet of good stuff will be cleared..

SUPPLIES - water, personal hygiene products, diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, cleaning supplies.. etc

Make a grocery or box store run for yourself, and while you're there just get a couple extra things of what you're already getting and bring it to us.

Let's go.

Gym is back to normal as we have power on and put everything back together.

Sunday 9-12

Monday 630am-1pm, 4-9pm