CrossFit HYPE offers a constantly varied training program that is one of the most comprehensive in the entire world.

Our program share's characteristics of many of the most successful methods from around the world in CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, Gymnastics, Track, etc.. HYPE blends them together and creates something special when you add in the final ingredient...

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What's the ingredient?

What's the ingredient? ... ENERGY and the fact that we all train the same program under this roof... Our OWN. We lead by our own compass. Train for events together, rest together, sweat together, laugh together, live together..

 One of the main differences of our community and program vs. everyone else's, is that it is truly for every level of individual regardless of experience. Every Olympic Level, Games level, Collegiate Level, Professional level, Regionals level, Open level, Day one in the gym level, type individual can workout in the same class, and get the same intensity of workout.

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Proper modification and proper scaling options prescribed by our coaches is what allows us to train together. But we do that EXACTLY... Coaches, athletes, members, moms, dads, kids, all train together. Ironic how that is what pushes HYPE to be different... togetherness.

We don't cater to anyone specific, only to those that are willing to work hard.

The actual meaning of CrossFit? Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. We write a new workout posted on this page every single day that has been programmed by our head coach. It will challenge us, and force us to get comfrotable with being uncomfortable. It’s very rare at that we will do the same workout twice, even in a 6 month period. However, if we do, it is to test and track your progress from a previous attempt. 

Our in depth performance program can be found at

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Fitness level is irrelevant, effort is the only expectation, get in here and get fit with us. No such thing as not being fit enough to do CrossFit

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CrossFit : Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.

By definition, that is what we do… But at HYPE we are much more than just a fitness program. We are place to grow and progress with other like minded individuals.

We hold each other accountable every day of the week. We EXPECT hard work and dislike excuses. We modify whenever needed, but we still show up. We encourage others to do their best even when things get tough. We leave everything on the floor every chance we get.

Come and find out what your potential is at CrossFit HYPE, the most dedicated gym in south Florida.

our indoor 5,000sqft facility and OUTDOOR 5,000sqft facility is what we dreamt to create, as every inch is thought out so we can get the most out what we have.

We want to provide a place where absolute elite fitness can be reached. The community we have built, mixed with the facility/location we are in, allow for just that. Olympic Lifting room and CrossFit gym seperated by bathrooms / Office Space / Retail / Storage rooms to allow you to focus on your craft. Brand new outdoor facility to soak up the sun while you push your fitness level.

Once in the gym the energy is instantly felt and you know that this has become home and place to grow to a person that you were not yesterday.


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