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Constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity is what we live by, but fitness doesn't just exist inside of a gym. We are lucky to be in South Florida, and SO close to the beach, that we plan on taking every opportunity possible to get ourselves outdoors. Whether it be a WOD (Workout Of the Day) out in the sun, or the fact that members will be able to walk one of our paddle boards down Palmetto to the ocean,  we want to get outside.

Apart from being the closest CrossFit gym to the beach in Palm Beach and Broward County, Hype is going to offer a facility many can not match, especially East Boca Raton. Our box will have indoor AND outdoor equipment ranging from lifting platforms, pull up rigs, tractor tires, atlas stones, boxes, ropes, chains, rowers, cycle trainers, Kettle bells, barbells, medicine balls and much more! With different clubs and organizations existing within the gym, we know it is our facility that will bring you here, but it is our coaches that will keep you here. With a dedication to perfection and the fact that we will strive to make everyone better as a community, CrossFit HYPE in East Boca Raton plans on being a place worth staying. 

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