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UNLIMITED CLASSES - CrossFit, Open Gym, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting :     $165

* Monthly membership auto-renews on day of sign up, NO CONTRACTS - cancel must be told 5 DAYS before day of renewal.




FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS :   1st Membership - $165, 2nd Membership - $150 ($290 total), 3rd Membership - $135 ($405 total), 4th Membership - $120

TEENS :   $95


FUNDAMENTALS :   $100 - MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL MEMBERS PRIOR TO SIGN UP unless fully versed in CrossFit methodology and movements.

This is truly the best way for our coaches to get to know you as an athlete, and for you as an athlete to get to know our coaches. By the end of the 3 sessions you will be versed in the core movements of our program and how our program is run within our doors. With our professional coaches eyes assessing all your needs during these sessions, we will be able to scale the daily workouts appropriately to your fitness level. This allows those new to CrossFit to workout side by side with CrossFit veterans. It is not upon the specificity of the workout that needs to be altered to achieve elite levels of fitness, intensity is the much more important factor. 

 This course consists of 3 private 1-on-1 sessions, scheduled whenever you are available. Once completed you can either move onto our class programs or personal training. We want to ensure you're confident coming into our community and working out alongside the hardest working members in south Florida. It is a worthy investment for ALL levels as we want you to get off to starting CrossFit on the right foot... Getting the attention you deserve. 

We want to be consistently making progress and always be in pursuit of perfecting our movement. This promotes safety and heightens the level of achievable goals within the gym. You can only go so far doing movements incorrectly, so stop and learn from individuals who care not only how about you feel and look, but how you move.



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Whether you live right down the street by Mizner Park in Boca Raton, are visiting Boca from out of town, from Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach, or Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale, CrossFit HYPE is creating a thriving community that is drawing in all South Florida. Come lift, run, cycle, hand stand, stretch, and train with us on a regular basis with purchase of our membership.



With Prior CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting experience we would love to have you in for your stay in East Boca Raton!

Staying for a day? a week? or an extended stay??

$20 for a class, $30 includes a T shirt

$60 for a week, $75 includes a T shirt

$165 for a month