Coach Rob

Dedication to the pursuit of excellence is what got me in to CrossFit, and is the driving force behind the reason I will never step away from it. I've been in the gym for as long as I can remember but indulging myself in CrossFit began for me in 2011. I was chasing ideas of how to make Motocross riders perform better on the track and the design of workouts/programming seemed to match intensity of the sport. Being a big believer in coaches should lead by actions and not just words, I started to complete the workouts before they were programmed to understand the stimulus a bit more. That is where it started and I have not stopped since.

Before CrossFit I was pursuing a career as a professional golfer with hopes of playing on the PGA Tour. I turned pro for 1 year, leaving school early to do so, but exercise training outside of the course slowly crept in front of my will to want to play tournament golf. I had a more enjoyable time preparing athletes for competition than I did hopping on the big stage myself. I still aspire to compete at the top level and will give it another shot at some point, but right now my focus is purely CrossFit and making everyone in my path a more FIT individual.

I think the biggest attribute I bring to the table as far as a coach, is the understanding of what it takes to become a professional, regardless of sport or activity. Not just in personal dedications but in dealing with many different athletes, and studying great athletes careers, it has given me the understanding that we can push harder than we can imagine with the proper mindset.

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2016 TEAM USA Coach - Youth Pan American Championships

2016 Youth Nationals 14/15 Coach

2016 Junior Nationals Coach

2016 American Open Coach

2016 CrossFit GAMES junior coach

2017 CrossFit GAMES junior coach

2017 CrossFit GAMES Regionals team coach

2018 CrossFit GAMES Regioanls individual + team coach

2018 Wodapalooza coach RX + Intermeidate Podium finishers

2019 Wodapalooza coach Elite Female + Male team





CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance

USA weightlifting + USA Power lifting national level coach

Pendlay Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting

Pendlay Level 2 Olympic Weightlifting

MDUSA Catapult Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit Endurance Certified

USA Gymnastics instructor Certified

USA Gymnastics First Aid Certified

USA Weigtlifting Member

USA Cycling Member

USA Gymnastics Member

 lululemon Ambassador




Wodapalooza Team RX 2014

Wodapalooza Team RX 2015

Wodapalooza Team RX 2016

Wodapalooza Team RX 2017

Wodapalooza Team ELITE 2018

CrossFit GAMES Atlantic Regionals Team 2017

CrossFit GAMES Atlantic Regionals Team 2018

Kill Cliff Crush Games Team RX 2014

Kill Cliff Crush Games Team RX 2015

Kill Cliff Crush Games Team RX 2016


Why I CrossFit

To be better than yesterday.

The community that CrossFit creates is what drives my passion. We all get to enjoy the same level of drive to complete the task at hand. I appreciate people working hard, it makes me want to work harder.

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