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Coach Tara

It sounds to cliche for me to say fitness has always been my passion. But it has. In my parents basement playing "gym class" on a cable compound machine at the age of 7 is where it started. The gym/weightlifting room was always the only place I felt confident while growing up. On the side, I used my strength and combination of gymnastic skills throughout 13 years of competitive cheerleading. After being named NCA All American my junior/senior year of high school, I wanted something more challenging come college. Although I couldn't find it right away, and after a couple years of getting lost, it wasn't until I found Crossfit in 2012 that I found myself again. Since then I've used Crossfit to set and accomplish goals beyond my imagination, completely changed my work ethic, and has thought more about failure, dedication, and pride than any other real life situations.

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2


French Throwdown- CrossFit Games Sanctional Event- Elite Team 2019

Wodapalooza Elite Female Team 2019

CrossFit Games Regionals Team 2017

CrossFit Games Regionals Team 2018

Wodapalooza RX individual 2015

Wodapalooza RX individual 2014

Kill Cliff Crush Games RX Individual 2015

Kill Cliff Crush Games RX Individual 2014

Weightlifting Meets

American Open Championship 2016 63kg

Doral Championship 2015 63kg

Miami Classic 2015 58kg 

Miami Classic 2016 58kg

Tampa Bay Classic 2015 58kg

Florida State Championship 2016 58kg

The Iron Game Open 2016 63kg

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