CrossFit HYPE – Group Classes – East Boca Raton

“Constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.”

1 Hour long classes that are always changing and always evolving.

The program changes daily and never stagnates. Within the hour may include, but is not limited to 1.) Warm-up / Mobility 2.) Strength and/or skill work 3.) Metabolic conditioning workout of the day (WOD).

Warm-ups are dynamic in nature preparing you for the work ahead. Our strength/skill movements vary and promote constant progress towards the goal of being capable to complete almost any task at any time.

 Strength is the backbone to our success but we must dive head first into our skill work as we must be prepared for whatever is put in front of us.

 Our workouts range in length and difficulty. A MetCon (metabolic conditioning workout) on any given day may take anywhere from 3-45 minutes. With such a variance in length our bodies will have a hard time adapting to the work load. A reluctance to be complacent in our program and constantly trying to adapt to constant variables promotes daily progress. 



Completion of either a private fundamentals course or private Coaching Introduction to Crossfit is a pre-requisite for joining any of our group classes.  This gives the coaches an opportunity to get to know the athletes, and the athletes a chance to get to know the coaches. We work on all of the movements and skills you will be exposed to in our program.

 Members pay a monthly membership fee and may attend group class sessions that fit within their schedule.  See our Group Class Schedule for specific class times and to sign-up for classes. We recommend these classes for everyone to develop and increase base fitness capacities and continue to well round their strength/ abilities. 

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