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HYPE Weightlifting Club - Olympic Lifting and Powerliting in East Boca Raton, FL - Current Program and info found on www.HYPEweightlifting.com

We are a facility focused on the progression and growth of Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting.

We have competitive teams in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and CrossFit. Head Weightlifting coach Rob Thomas has coached on an International team for the United States. Has athletes that earned medals in international, national, state, and local level.

Coached classes focus on perfecting movement. No strict guidelines, but a great way to work on your movement under a trained eye. Time to focus on proficiency in form/technique as well as get our strength up. Our programming has depth in which we are looking to promote national level competing athletes. Olympic weightlifting is just as, if not more, intense than anything we do inside of the gym.

Members with little, to no prior, experience with lifts may need private training as this program is in place to perfect form and maximize lifts, not teach from scratch. Starting from scratch and breaking down all of the pieces to each lift can be done in our Olympic Lifting Fundamentals class (Private Olympic Lifting Fundamentals Training Package - $200 for 4 private classes) which is recommended for almost anyone coming through the door. Dependent upon the athlete, we may not add any weight to the bar for the first 3 days. Technique is of utmost importance and we can not progress without perfecting technique. It is very difficult to unlearn certain bad habits, so the sooner we cut them out of our technique, the easier and faster we will progress.

HYPE Weightlifting uses a wide range of lifts, and accessory work, to help the classic lifts grow. Starting with squats, presses, and pulls to build fundamental strength and an added emphasis on catapult technique (Pendlay) we are going to promote maximum human potential within our doors. Dissection of the technical problems on an individual basis is how we succeed, as a training program that is cookie cutter may keep you in the rut you are stuck in.

Weekly Programming posted on our facebook page as well as www.HYPEweightlifting.com


HYPE Weightlifting in East Boca Raton's hours -

Open gym to lift and follow programming. Once individual has went through private fundamentals and technique is efficient enough to work alone, you may come and lift at your own leisure during these hours. Will mostly be an un-coached atmosphere but there will always be a coach on staff to assist when in need.

Open Lifting :

Monday : 630am - 2pm | 4pm - 9pm

Tuesday : 630am - 2pm | 4pm - 9pm

Wednesday : 630am - 2pm | 4pm - 9pm

Thursday : 630am - 2pm | 4pm - 9pm

Friday : 630am - 2pm | 4pm - 9pm

Saturday : 9am - 1200pm | 5pm - 730pm

Sunday : 10am - 12pm


Coached Olympic Weightlifting Classes

Monday - 615pm

Wednesday - 615pm

Friday - 615pm

(A time to follow the program or work on your weaknesses with a coaches eye on watch to help with technique) 


Rates - 

HYPE Weightlifting Membership - $135 a month / no contract

-Membership includes unlimited lifting during open gym

-Access to all of the coached weightlifting classes


Olympic Lifting Fundamentals - $200 for 4 private classes

- Start with lifts from scratch and break down the snatch + Clean and Jerk

- Worthwhile for ANY level of lifter to take as we can always improve upon our current technique. This allows you to get assessed by our Olympic Weightlifting coach to see where you have deficiencies and how to improve upon your current base.

- Scheduled around whenever you have free time. We have the ability to open and train in the weightlifting facility at any time during any day. This allows us to have the gym quite and no interference from too many other athletes. We want to give you personalized attention within our facility.


PRIVATE training - $60-80 an hour

This allows for more individualized attention so we can assess your deficiencies on a one to one basis. Planned and scheduled around your needs.


Individual programming - $75 a month

We have HYPE Weightlifting Clubs programming posted on a weekly basis, but this addition is for those that are looking for a bit more. To take it to the next level you may need to have a fully individualized program that works directly on your weaknesses. If one needs more work on the full classic lifts, We may need to cut some accessory work and fit more classic lifts in. The opposite may also be true, your max lifts may be suffering due to weak areas and you need some extra accessory.. Either way, that is what individualized programming is for.

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Current Program - updated on www.HYPEweightlifting.com