Become truly fit.

We objectively work together to accomplish your goals.

We lead by example and we lead from eye level.

We are in the trenches with you doing the work step by step.

We are more than just "certified trainers" or your normal fitness coaches.

We have turned our own selves from "nobodies" to somebodies by simply working hard every single day. We are here to share our own experiences with you to get you from where you are currently, to where you want to go.

We can work inside the gym with you on fitness, or outside the gym with you on lifestyle accountability.

(Rates at bottom of page)

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CrossFit HYPE's coaching staff is dedicated to making you move better, feel better, look better, gain experience through sharing our own, ensure enjoyment in the process, and give you the personal attention you deserve.

We spent time learning, and we have spent more time applying our knowledge.

1-on-1 personal training is something we dedicate a lot of time to inside of our facility.

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Our dedication to enrich your life as we both see fit lies deeper than just face value of lifting more weights, running faster, and completing more pullups. We want to help you find your passion in fitness while bringing you into our community full of individuals that are on a similar path.

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Want Help out of the gym? Lifestyle accountability.

It has become very well known that fitness, or to get fit, isn't only found inside of the gym working out...

The elusive 70/30 or 80/20 split... meaning no matter how hard you work inside the gym, your work outside the gym matters far more.

It is easy for our staff to help control your progress inside the gym.

but outside of the gym is truly where the differences are made in fitness.

Eating, recovery, rest, lifestyle habits, life choices, and consistency are just a few of the variables that play a roll in the success of an athlete.

We want to be able to coach you beyond your movement and make an impact in your entire life.

"LIFESTYLE ACCOUNTABILITY" is the how-to of becoming a better athlete, and a better focused acheiver that will apply everywhere in your life. 

We have coached ourselves to success, we have coached others to success... You're next.

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(Rates posted below)

Personal Training:

Our Personal Training program has unlimited variance and is designed to fit you as an individual.

Whether it be : 








we work with the following in personal training :

FULL WEEKLY PROGRAM OF PERSONAL TRAINING : 2-6 sessions per week bringing you through a fully inclusive program that is dialed in to who you are as a growing athlete. The goal is always to bring you to a heightened level of fitness, we now have the time to figure out the path of least resistance by doing it together.

If you are starting from scratch, if you are seasoned and want more teaching in all movements of fitness, if you are suffering from an injury, if ultimate mentorship and guidance in fitness is what you need... this is for you.

Full weekly personal training broken down :

specific movement - technique breakdown of Olympic lifts /  Power Lifts / gymnastics movements / conditioning

specific intensity - Athlete may be unfamiliar with certain movements or workout structures and may need a specific scale for ability with more in depth technique cues. We will go through a unique modified CrossFit program that you get 1-on-1 attention watching every rep you complete to ensure every one is in the right direction with proper intensity.

Program adaptation - teaches the athlete how to prepare for certain workouts with pacing or mental approach. How does everyone, who is an individual in their own right with different sets of strengths, do the same workout together but approach it differently to get them to progress ahead of the competition? we are here to teach that. We also can help preparing athletes for a competition and how to acclimate appropriately for your athletic level.




You want something completely different than a CrossFit / Olympic lifting program?

We design functional fitness programs with a lower intensity protocol for those that are looking for health and fitness, just looking to approach it from a bit different of an angle without "hurting" that bad to get there.

We believe "intense" CrossFit can be for everyone, but we also know that not everyone wants to do it. We are here to bridge the gap with using a highly versed level of variance in our programs + movements that are carryovers from our successful lifting / Olympic lifting / power lifting / CrossFit programs.

We are going to give you all you can ask for in terms of a functional fitness programmed designed for your needs. 

You will get more than just intensity of a workout, you will get a seasoned and trained eye overlooking every repetition you perform. Our group classes offer this on a more borad but it is a great place to get 1 on 1 training if you are new to CrossFit or if you simply need someone to push you to get the results you want. 

Members Only : Personal Training Rates

One-on-One : $60 per hour 

2 people : $80

3 people : $100

4 people : $120

5 people : $140


one-on-one : $80 per hour

2 people : $105

3 people : $130

4 people : $150

5 people : $170

Large group packages or corporate wellness program : please email us with your group size and hours you would like to train!

We can come to you as well!

We have trainers ready to do personal training remotely. Please email to set up schedule.

RATES for at home/ work/ facility trianing:

(Rates dependent on equipment/facility needs + distance from)

one-on-one : $100-125 per hour

2 people : $150-175

3 people : $175-200

4 people : $200-225

5 people : $225-250


Personal Programming

competitors full custom edited program for the individual (3-7 pieces a day, 6 days a week) : $150 for 5 weeks

general specific program (1-3 pieces a day, 5-6 days a week) : $75 for 5 weeks

We set up your private programming for you based on our current cycle of weekly programming. This is for you to complete during any hours we are open or at your house/travel destination.

This is great for those that are traveling, or that want to know EXACTLY what they should be doing day in and day out.


Lifestyle Accountability

10 week program : $200

Week 1-5 : one 30 minute private discussion per week, where we work on lifestyle optimization habits to make you a better athlete. Track Fat loss + muscle gain, discuss eating habits, sleep habits, social habits etc. It is our job as coaches to make you accountable for your decisions and make success a reality both inside and outside of the gym.

Every individual is unique, so it is hard to answer on the spot when asked "how do I get better", " Why am I not losing weight", "Why do I feel like crap" ...etc... Everyone works different hours, sleeps different hours, eats different amounts and at different times. We have now worked with enough success stories to finalize variation guidelines to bring you into where you want to be. We take these initial 5 weeks to onset proper habits so the next 5 weeks on your own, before a final checkup work to our advantage.

Week 5-10 : Have you been doing the right things?!? After 5 consecutive weeks of meetings and setting the groundwork to do what is needed to become more fit, we will let you go on your own for 4 weeks. A weekly text message or email to do a quick checkup... but we want to see how our coaching sticks when NO ONE is looking... on the 10th week, we meet one last time to check all results and see if the work we have done was enough... 

If all else fails, START OVER and lets do it again until you are where you want to be.