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We compete.

Not just against one another, but against ourselves. It's why we are different. We prepare for the unknown, and we prepare for the real world. And in the real world, there is real competition. To find real progress, there are no easy days and no days off. Progress doesn't sleep.

We write an in house competitors program ( that is now, unmatched. We program in cycles that take local, national, and world wide events into consideration.

Every single coach at HYPE is part of the process in how we build our program. We all workout every day doing the program we have written in house, most of the times with the general class. This creates a unique environment as games, regionals, and new to crossfit athletes all workout creating no hierarchy and no biases. Everyone is treated equally, and has an equal opporutnity to progress. The program we write is free to follow during any open hours, and generally there is always someone in the gym willing to hit an extra piece of fitness. We coach not just in the class, but also on the edges of the gym to ensure everyone is getting as fit as possible on their fitness journey.

We have competed in CrossFit, weightlifting, and powerlifting alike. We don't workout, we train. We train for the future, we train what we suck at, and we train to be better than our competition.

crossfit hype east boca raton miner park fitness elite athletes compete south florida competition olympic lifting

A better description of AV :

We are one of the only facilities that write our own in house competitors programming. . It is for our coaches and athletes to follow so we can all progress with one another and push one another to get better on a day to day basis. Remote coaching is "ok", to an extent, but to be able to get your general crossfit and competitors program done in the same place offers a unique experience that many gyms can't match.

Our competitors are doing the same WOD the class does, but just follows the extra programming pre or post the daily WOD. We allow you to do 2-a-days to get all the work in during the week. (best times to complete double sessions are any time during morning 630am-1200pm, and 630pm-8pm). it integrates the general fitness population in with the competitors and lets everyone feed off the same energy source when working out. Pretty rare for working class fitness minded people to be able to do the same workouts as the regional level athletes every day of the week. The WOD's do not need to be specific to the person, just the intensity at which they complete the workout in is the major difference.

Athletic Volume is a program designed around the events us as a facility are training for. Most big events around the nation are considered, as well as local competitions, and we periodize our program accordingly. Our work is taken very seriously as we are trying to achieve excellence. No page goes unturned, no weakness is overlooked, and we train with a purpose. We test a lot of competition workouts in our program to see where we compare to last years statistics, and we run constantly evolving strength + gymnastics + endurance programs.

It is our goal to showcase those that have competed under HYPE's roof. We are proud of our work ethic and we are proud of those who have stepped away from the norm to tackle something they never thought possible.


Past competitions and results :


CrossFit Games

Kaela Stephano - Teen CrossFit Games Champion

Crush Games

Tim Mustion - 6th Place Elite

David Stevens - 15th Place Elite

Ben Rosen - 19th Place Elite

Emily Pearce - 3rd Place Intermediate

Fazio / Frank / Ali - Team RX

Ludi Rowe - intermediate

Ryan Maranges - intermediate

Mike Chase - intermediate




Crush Games

Team HYPE - Rob Thomas, Ben Rosen, Andy O'neil - Men's SuperTeam Elite - 9th Place

Tara Demers - Female RX - 19th Place

HYPE Competitors - Abbe Rosen, Amanda Marie, Simonne Fedora, Jim Bavouset, Ali Sipahi, Drew Kosova, Frank Silvestro, Corey Rosen


Bad Bitch Contest

Tara Demers - Female RX - 2nd Place

Abbe Rosen - Female Scaled - 3rd Place

Amanda Marie - Female Scaled - 4th Place

Team HYPELadies - Jill Willis, Casey Ademski, Ashley Youngs - Team Scaled - 3rd Place

HYPE Competitors - Renata Matos, Kim Paulus, Cass Wharton, Alex Kosova, Ludi Rowe, Stephanie Dupont



Team HYPE - Rob Thomas , Tara Demers , Ben Rosen , Staci VanVonno - Team RX - 1st Place

Team HYPE 2 - Andy O'neil, Amanda Basalyga, Drew Kosova, Fabiana P. - Team RX - 2nd Place

HYPE Competitors - Matt Thomas, Simonne Fedora, Phil Arcay, Casey Ademski 

Benevolent Games

Team HYPE - Rob Thomas, Tara Demers, Ben Rosen, Staci VanVonno - Team RX - 1st Place

Team HYPEscaled - Matt Thomas, Amanda Basalyga, Phil Arcay, Jill Willis - Team Scaled - 2nd Place

HYPE Competitors - Jim Bavouset, Ashley Youngs, Ali Sipahi, Simonne Fedora



Team HYPE - Rob Thomas, Ben Rosen, Andy O'neil - Team RX - 9th Place

Tara Demers - Intermediate Female - 11th Place

Staci VanVonno - Team RX - 6th Place

Matt Thomas - Male Scaled - 9th Place

Amanda Basalyga - Female Scaled


Various Competitions + Events

WodAmania - Staci VanVonno - Female Team RX - 1st Place

Pantheon Games - Jill Willis - Female Team Scaled - 2nd Place

HewPla - Jill Willis - Female Team Scaled - 2nd Place

Andy O'neil - Benevolent 5k - 4th Overall, Marathon Completed.

HYPE Weightlifting -

Tara Demers - Florida State Championships - 63kg - 3rd place , Tampa Bay Area Classic - 58kg - 1st Place, Miami Classic, Doral Championships - 63kg - 5th Place

Shane Tucker - Miami Classic - 94kg - 3rd Place, Florida State Championships, Iron Game Open - 1st Place, Jacked Classic - 1st Place

Nick Sautter - USAPL South Florida Championships - 120kg - 1st place, State Record squat 273kg/601lbs

HYPE Weightlifting Competitive Athletes - Phil Arcay, Amanda Basalyga, Matt Thomas, Ryan Maranges, Zach Richman, Joe Rizzi, Diego Vizcaino, James Bond