4 movements for improved rack position for cleans / Front Squats / Jerks with Rob Thomas & Tim Musti

I look at injuries not as a nuisance but as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes.


It is a time I can create a plan through functional movement patterns to rehab myself back in to better shape than I was before. A time for me to create a meaningful protocol to give to others to help rehab them through a tough time they may be going through in their fitness adventure. These are just things that have worked for me, and now work for all of us @ HYPE.


4 movements to improve front rack mobility in your cleans / front squats / jerks.


3 rounds -

5 elbow swivels

5 elbow dives

5 rack regrips

5 clam shell rack press


I injured both wrists on a clean and I found movements I could do that helped me rehab them back to normal...


They worked so well it improved my rack mobility past what it was before I got injured. I ended up being able to PR my clean and jerk soon after because of how optimal my rack position was.


This is a mobility warm up we use for our classes almost every time we clean and jerk now. Has brought much success to our athletes and we hope you can incorporate it and find as much use as we have!