Thursday Night Lights for Open Workout 14.4


Thursday night lights. Nice crew in here tonight to watch 14.4! Beast of a workout.. And we're doing it today.


3 rounds - for form

15 kips

10 air squat

5 burpees

- technique walk through on movements in 14.4

A.) open 14.4 - 14 min amrap

60 calorie row

50 toes 2 bar

40 wall balls

30 cleans

20 muscle ups

10 mins rest.

B.) 10 min emom

Even mins - sled pull/push

Odd mins - ME ball over shoulder

Members reading may realize that we've seen some of 14.4's movements already this week, that is true, but the volume is pretty low impact in this workout.. Breathing is the toughest part as well as willing your way to more reps.. You have to hurt to do well!!