Favorite part of the Open


"My favorite part of the open has been acting as a judge to my boxmates." -JW

Our favorite part of the open is sharing this awesome competition spirit with our family. Seeing first timers, who didn't even know the open existed 3 months ago, want to redo their workouts because they feel they can do better, is super inspiring to be apart of.. It's put into motion the idea of 'performance first' training. The feeling of doing better than you've done before is like no other. When you can constantly push yourself to do something you've never done is an addicting feeling. Something that can't be measured, or compared, to what the scale or mirror says. 1 more rep, means 1 place better.. And at the end of the week that's all that matters in a competition. 

Having everyone involved Friday night was an unmatched experience in all of my personal ones in crossfit. We've got 4 more weeks of this and I plan on it only getting better.. Next Friday I want more of our open competitors there instead of spreading throughout the day/weekend.. Your performance will increase from the energy.. I promise.

Today's WOD

A.) 10 mins shoulder mobility

B.) 10 mins Hip mobility


A.) Empty Bar Snatch Work

Focusing on the cycling of movement and how to become better at snatch movements within wods vs 1 rep max work. In essence they are one in the same thing, but there is a specific way to be efficient in workouts with light weight.

- hi hang squat snatch 5x5

- power snatch 5x5

- squat snatch 5x5

B.) 21-15-9-6-3

Overhead squats 95/65

Bar facing burpee