Fit Pregnancy


This, my friends, is inspiration..

I had to be upfront and ask if she was comfortable with me taking photographs of her while working out, and she was more than happy to allow it. I had a discussion with her saying I NEED to find a way to portray what she's doing (in terms of working out while pregnant) to females worldwide.. Too many women just quit. And quitting is not an option in my eyes. 

Getting pregnant is NOT a reason to end your fitness journey. You just have to be smart about the movements and the program you follow. CrossFit being infinitely modifiable makes changing things on the fly easy. Take away impact movements like running and get on a rower, box jumps turn into step ups, pull-ups turn into ring rows... Etc. I believe you, and your child, will come out stronger in the process.

 We have dealt with this situation a few times and it is a touchy grey area for us to step in and tell them they are making the wrong choice by giving up... So the only thing we can do is hope to inspire the women who quit with the strong women we have in our doors who are still kicking ass while pregnant.. 

Respect the grind, and never give up because you're not alone! We've got your back ladies!

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Today's WOD 

A.) Front Squat

Work up to 1 rep max

B.) 3 rounds for time

7 thrusters 115/75

7 burpee box jumps 24/20

C.) 1000m row - for time