Feel coaching


Positions and technicalities are great, but we need to coach from time to time with the literal sense of what we need to accomplish.. Call it "feel" coaching.. Play with some feel in your life and some good shit might happen.

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I am so thankful to have such an educated and passionate coach who knows how I operate. @rob_thomas_  never fails to get in my head the way that I need (and he tells me when I'm not trying). You know what he told me today? "A lot of coaches try to tell their athletes; back flat, 45 degree angle, chest up...no. Just try to hit yourself in the f$!&@ forehead with the bar and you won't miss it" • and what would you know? I stopped missing it forward 😝 #ThatsSolidCoaching #HisCommentaryTho #TrynaGetYolked #Lmao #Crossfit #CrossfitHype #CoachAppreciation #HypeWeightlifting #TruSweat #Nike #NikeWeightlifting #Doughnutsanddeadlifts #Snatch #LiftLikeAGirl #ADayInTheLife

Today's WOD

A.) back squat


B.) sled pulls

10 x 75m. Max effort pace

C.) 3 rounds not for time

20 hand stand steps in place

20 hollow rocks

20 1 leg RDL

Video on www.facebook.com/Crossfithype or Instagram  

Video on www.facebook.com/Crossfithype or Instagram