Dreams don't rest


This post is about following your dreams.

Dreams don't rest or wait for anyone. They are all consuming and take 100% of your effort. If you give 90%, you get nothing because someone is giving 100% somewhere else and they're going to take your dream for their own.. If you want to dedicate less, then expect to be average. It's that simple.

All of HYPE's coaches sat down one night after working out and opened up on our dreams and how we can make them possible... You walk into rob and bens dream everyday... We are some of, if not the youngest gym/box owners in Florida... Waiting is for the average.. Rob, I, was 23 when we opened, Ben 25. We want the fittest gym in the world and we will not settle until it happens. Taras goals are straight forward but sometimes need to be kept to ones self, because we're also a believer in working and not just talking.. Get a head start and when you know you have created ground, talk as much as you want...

And as you may or may not know, Staci has her heart set on becoming the best firefighter she can... Within the crossfit world, she has gone to the crossfit games, she has won a weightlifting meet, she has now won multiple team events, placed top 100 in the southeast region, has coached for over 3 years and has multiple certifications to go with all of her experience..... As you can see, she carries quite the portfolio when walking into any gym... The only thing she is missing, is being funny... Anyway, that's another topic.... 

Her dreams lie in being a firefighter, and we spoke on what it would take to make her as good of a Firefighter as she is coach and athlete. It takes 100% commitment. Not 100% to training and coaching... So what does it take to get it done? Moving to a place where she can gain top notch education, top notch experience, and a place to train + volunteer + work. 

Starting next week, Staci will be moving to Stuart, FL to make her dreams come true (of trying to be funny).

She won't be coaching in the meantime and we're working on still keeping her training while up there. Who knows what and where the future lies but we all know we'll be pushing to be better regardless of our location.


Today's WOD

A.) strict press

Work up to a 3 rep max

B.) 27-21-15-9

Toes 2 bar

Hand stand pushups