2019 WODAPALOOZA Online Qualifier! Starts This Week! SIGN UP TODAY! 20% Code for HYPE members!

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The 2019 WODAPALOOZA online qulaifier is upon us once again.

Wodapalooza has meant so much to us over the years, so we want to continue to show everyone around us how special it really is!

The online qualifier is very much like the "CrossFit Games OPEN" as EVERYONE can compete!

The entire gym will be doing the workouts in class, so it's a great form of accountability to join in on the qualifier and input your scores to test yourself.

Whether you know it or not, you've been training for this :-P

Our strength cycle coming to a close next week allows us to be at our strongest for when it really counts! That is why we train the way we do.. started 8 weeks ago doing low weight for high reps, and as the weeks progressed, we cut the amount of reps and added weight... so now YOU'RE READY.

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The individual online qualifier is 3 weeks long. consisting of 6 total workouts!

We will be doing a workout on Friday in class, and a workout on Saturday in class to ensure we give the workout our full attention!

Every Monday you will input your scores into your online profile to make sure you are in the computer on Wodapalooza website.

Once we have all finished the individual qualifier we will all jump on TEAMS and do the team qualifier that begins in November!


I WANT EVERYONE TO SIGN UP FOR INDIVIDUAL FIRST! Get used to the environment and get ready to compete! Also.... The gym can win big prizes if we have the most amount of signups... including another Assault runner, an Assault Air bike, More jump ropes... AND

A private YACHT trip around Miami Bay the weekend before WZA.

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Sign up for you and sign up for the gym! Lets win this! The more people we have the better chance we've got!


Here is a special 20% off code from WZA to enter as well! They made it special for us because of how much commitment we have to this event.

code : ...lol you playin... message me for it and I'll dish out the goods :D

www.Wodapalooza.com to register.

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Email us, message us, or comment if you have any other questions.