Olympic Lifting Showdown at World's in KAZ

An amazing event went down in Kazakhstan this past week. Here is one of the top highlights from the 105kg Mens Category. World Record after World Record were broken, one after another to end the competition.. The greatest weightlifter of our time, Ilya Ilyin, was not to be outdone .. He needed to make the lift to win.. and he did so in dominant fashion. He has never lost a competition that he has competed in, which spans over 10 years. He is 2 time gold medalist in the 94kg weight class, 3 time world champion, He upped his weight class for this competition in front of his home crowd (KAZ).. and still won.. The weight they all perform was over 520lbs.. in the clean and jerk. Ilya's Clean and Jerk totaled 533.5lbs.. 

video here -


Todays WOD

A.) Full Snatch

1rep x 6sets @ 85%

B.) Hero WOD - "Danny"

20 min AMRAP

30 box jump 24/20"
20 Push Press 115/75
30 Pullups

HYPE Weightlifting

HYPE Weightlifting