Nutrition Talk - 8pm TONIGHT (Wednesday)


TONIGHT (Wednesday) at 8pm get in here for a nutrition talk on what macro nutrients can do to change your body composition for the better. Any questions you have, bring them in, ALONG with your body fat tests ,if you have them, just so we can really be on point with our caloric intake. 

We will also be educating you on a macro nutrient counter and how to track your food after you've weighed/measured it.

We will also have a measuring tape for those that would like to take some measurements and put them down on their sheets . Again, so we can retest 3 months from now.

See you all then!

Today's WOD

A.) work up to -

5 rep max - Split Jerk - from rack

B.) Pantheon 2014 Wod #3

10 min time cap

4 rounds

200m run

15 wall balls 20/14 *

15 deadlifts 225/135

* both male and female to a 10' target


Deadlifts 155/95


the importance of Macros -