Joggers Delusion.

"• Jogging is probably the most effective form of non-surgical gender-reassignment available for men. That's an exaggeration, but not by much.

• The downsides of long distance running greatly outweigh the upsides, especially if you want to be muscular and strong.

• Fighters need endurance work, but jogging is a substandard way to build it. They do it, but only because it's a dumb, unquestioned tradition.

• Anaerobic training is just as good for cardiovascular health as jogging, maybe better, and it burns more calories over the course of the day."

Quite an interesting article. #TheTruthAboutFitness


even though I believe every word of this article, I ALSO heavily believe in variance.

SO. with that said.. we've been doing alot of weightlifting.. our muscles are for sure tuned up.


A.) Pose running method drills

- Jump rope steps + fall
- bunny hops + fall + pull
- pull to pace

B.) 5k Run for time.