Focus for success

Everyone did so sick today... But, as you can imagine.. another nasty one lined up.

Todays Wod


2 rounds - not for time

400m run
5 inch worms
10 band pas throughs

- OHS holds/Zotts press with PVC
-Pendlay Snatch warmup

A.) 15 mins to work up to heavy

Full Snatch

B.) 3 Rounds for Time

25 Power Snatch 75/55
25 Toes 2 Bar
50 Double Unders

Intensity and Focus are needed to snatch proficiently. If we're always just 'going through the motions' without intentions of perfection, then we are going to be at stand still in progress until we snap into the zone.. This video shows you what Im talking about. Lifting like his life depends on it.

Klokov with a 451lbs snatch.

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