Grand Opening was an unreal success

Saturday couldn't have been any better. 75+ of our people came through and made it unforgettable. Thank you to ALL that came out and we're bummed some couldn't make it... but nonetheless, the Grand Opening was an absolute success. Good workout and good eats out in the sunny weather post wod... Going to be MANY more days exactly like this one.. The planning for future events starts now and we're going to keep them coming for sure.. get ourselves outside of the gym for some fun activities incorporating our love for fitness to try new things!

But for now... we're in the gym back on the grind.


50m forward shuttle + 50m reverse shuttle

- lunge + Bear crawl
- Couch stretch

A.) Back Squat - 5x5

B.) 30-20-10

Burpee Over Bar
Shoulder to Overhead 95/65