Surplus or Deficit

To most peoples misconception, weight gain is harder than you think, and weight loss is easier than you think.

That statement may cause an up-rise, but both come from the root of having an understanding of how much you're eating. If you have any question with your weight in terms of it not falling or rising, what you need to do is simple and not a guessing game. Shit is science. Weigh and measure your food, measure your activity level. Be in a surplus to gain weight, be in a deficit to lose weight. To gain weight, (or being a hard-gainer) it is much harder to see physical results as you have to force feed yourself potentially "un healthy" items just to get yourself in a caloric surplus. Force feeding across the day at times is a very difficult thing, but if you want results... then you have to work for them. An individual can readily not put their hands in a bag of chips do stay in a deficit... just, dont do it.

Both individuals need to stay consistent with high protein across their day. For us as coaches, it's awesome to hear people excited with their weight loss goals. But quite honest I feel just as much for the individual who is undersized and has just as hard a time putting weight on. Mentally, you just have to want results more than you ever have, and push to make a difference. measure out your macro nutrients to understand exactly how much you are eating. Do it for a week and then stay consistent after that.

In the same weeks time, 2 individuals who have busted ass training with us for over 2 months.. Have told me they've seen incredible results on both sides of the spectrum. One male has gained over 20lbs. Another lost over 20lbs. Both got the individualized attention they deserved and both fought for the results they desired. Both are ready to push for more. 

Today's WOD


500m Row
+ 25 kips

-Banded Shoulder mobility
Delt raise activation

-Lax ball on floor

A.) Work up to heavy Turkish GetUp

B.) Metcon - 35 min cap

250m row
40 Toes 2 bar
10 single arm russian KB swing (53/35)
500m row
30 T2B
20 1arm KBswing
750m row
20 T2B
30 1arm KBswing
1000m row
10 T2B
40 1arm KBswing


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