Regionals Event 5 after Event 6

The 50's workout was a firey one.. posterior chain + quads are smokeddd. Hitting you with another Regionals event but the variation will be greatly appreciated. Short and sweet.


-800m jog
-foam roll
-lax ball
-3 x 20 second dead hang on pullup bar
- 3 x 10 strict press with empty barbell

A.) 5x5 Strict Press (all sets at heavy weight)

B.) 2014 Regionals Event 5 - 

10 rounds for time

100m sprint
1 legless rope climb, 14'

Scaled = 2 regular rope climbs
Modified = 5 back to floor, straight legs, rope pulls

If going for the workout RX, your run will be shortened as it is only a 200' run. You will jog diagonally to base of big tree out back where there is a fallen palm. rest of class will run regular 100m to street!

Watch the technique on this savage attack of this event. Elevation!

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