The Grid League / NPGL


You're looking a picture of the newest development in fitness. A legitimate sport where our athletics are truly put to the test in team format. The official draft of the Grid League happened this week in Fort Lauderdale and the first set of matches were today so I made sure I took a trip to visit as it was local. Athletic races full of functional movements. Awesome to be a part of something this early in it's developmental stage and excited to see where it goes as time moves on. #NPGL #GridLeague

Saturdays WOD is going to be sick.

For time-

500m run

50 toes 2 bar

500m run w/ medball

50 wall ball

500m run w/ Kettlebell 53/35

50 American KB swing

500m run 

50 box jumps

Going to be getting after a bunch of CrossFit Games events these next couple of weeks in honor of the games approaching. Should be tough.


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