Deadlifts for volume

Today's WOD

A.) 3 x ME handstand walk

(Mod = 2 x ME bear crawl)

B.) deadlifts for volume

5 rounds

Every 2 mins

Pull a heavy set of 5 deadlifts.

Score = all 5 sets weight added together. If you fail a set your score for that round is 0.

Take risks but also be a bit conservative in your attempts.

Someone who's score reads as such: 315,315,315,315,315


305, 310, 330, 335, 315

The 2nd individual played it safe early and then took risks and it proved to be more effective in the total go for it.

C.) 7 min amrap

7 ring dips

7 walking lunge (each leg)

7 burpees 


Flexy boy and baby santos getting after their push-ups together!.. Or fighting over the kong ball.. Either or.


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