The Games Continue

The games continue. 

While it may seem odd or irrelevant at times, The Crossfit Games makes sure to put true 'functionality' within their events to show you it isn't all deadlifts and wall balls. Climbing walls, swimming, swinging hammers etc. is functional. We're going to do a rendition of their functional wod from 2012.

Today's WOD

A.) 2012 CFG "Double Banger

3 rounds

50 double under

25 ball over shoulder 20/14

B.) 2013/2007 CFG - "2007"

1000m row

Then -

5 rounds 

25 pull-ups

7 shoulder to overhead (135/95)


As I said. No deadlifts or wall balls, just hit the shit out of the green thing... Faster than anyone else.

2012 CrossFit Games - Double Banger: Men, Heat 3