quads or life, that is the question

Quads + Life are presumably sore... but we grind on.

shorty's today. The second 2 Granite Games Qualifiers are up to bat and they should be interesting to see how we can apply our intensity to these workouts. There is no time to pace or rest in these wods, it is straight up all out for these short bursts. Most people probably won't feel like they got a workout in, but quite honestly, sometimes that jump starts the body into further progress. They give off a completely different stimulus than we've ever encountered so go hard today.

Today's WOD

A.) Work up to heavy -

Clean + 2 Power Jerk

B.) The Granite Games Sectional 14.4

4 minute AMRAP

3 Cleans
3 Jerks
2 Cleans
2 Jerks
1 Clean
1 Jerk

RX+ = 225/135
RX = 135/95
Scaled = 105/75

C.) The Granite Games Sectional 14.3

6 minute AMRAP

200 Double Unders
ME Burpee box overs 24"/20"

RX + = as written
RX = 100 double unders
Scaled = 400 singles

(This may become 6 minutes straight of jump rope for some of us... and that is ok... We can set it as a benchmark, BUT if we do not get any reps at the burpee box overs, then you will complete 25 reps of such when the WOD is completed)


HYPE Weightlifting Program FSB/LC Week2 Day 2

- Full Clean n' Jerk - (1+1) 2 x 5 @ 80%

- Muscle Snatch + BTN strict press+ BTN PushPress - (1+1+2) x 5 @40-60% of power snatch

- Snatch Pull - 2x5 @ 105% of 1rm snatch

5 rounds, rest as needed.

10 Pendlay Row

ME Pushups

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