Army Physical Test

ARMY PHYSICAL TEST TODAY! surprise wod. Should be interesting to see where we all stack up against the brave. We test ourselves against games athletes on the daily... Now time to take on the real bad boys and girls...


Big PR today.

1st - Amount of members to come in on one day.
2nd - Amount of chalk from members on the floor.

The growth to grind curve this past month has been unreal. Hard work pays off people.


Todays WOD


Lax Ball
-Chest on floor smash
-Calve / achilles smash
-Quad Smash

Pose running method technique

- review standards

A.) 2 Minutes Max Effort set - Push Ups

4 minutes rest

B.) 2 Minutes Max Effort set - Sit Ups

4 minutes rest

C.) 2 Mile Run - For Time

Score = point system in link. scroll down to check how rep to point breakdown works. All three scores are totaled and averaged.

***** For all averages...... If your final score average is below 85... 1 burpee for every point below*****

Coaches will assist with averages.
Here is the score card to see how we all stack up!

some rules with movements.

Pushups - we can only rest in the upward plank. if you rest on floor, your max effort set is complete.

Situps - we can only rest in the upward position. no hands to floor to support our bodies when tired.

Running - route is as such - Two BIG laps + se 3rd and back.

 Out front door, west on palmetto run to fountain on mizner, left on to royal palm. Run entire length of royal palm until you get to 5th ave/resort entrance/boat ramp and take left. take left back on to palmetto. It is 2 of those big laps + SE 3rd and back.