Time to Lift. start of a new strength cycle

Wow.... the past 2 workouts, were about as brutal as any CrossFit workouts truthfully get... It was a mixture of the heat and the length/intensity of the workouts that made them that tough, but I was blown away by how hard every one pushed to finish these workouts. Awesome effort. NOW... it's time to shorten it up and lift some weight!

Today's WOD

A.) 5x5 Front Squat

all sets at roughly 70-75% of 1RM front squat. HEAVY and TOUGH!

B.) Sprint Intervals - 7 rounds

every 2 minutes

run 100m

C.) 5 minute AMRAP

5 Toes 2 Bar
10 walking lunges

A few of us went down to the first home match of the Miami Surge vs New York Rhinos last week and it was awesome! Future matches we'll make sure to recruit more of us to go and watch the NPGL. great time all around. I'll be posting more videos and info on what the Grid League is all about.


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