The calculus of Crossfit


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People learning new skills inside of the gym may be comparable to how you felt about learning calculus in high school or college... While you may never use the acquired skill in 'real life', be it rope climbs, or calculus, it's the application of applying yourself to learning something new/difficult that will transfer. The learning process and how you adapt is what you will be able to apply to the next endeavor. Calculus may suck and be difficult, but if you can put forth some effort and learn it, you can probably learn anything... The same goes for muscle ups. It's the calculus of CrossFit. Learning and completing difficult tasks is good for the human soul.. Just try and be good at hard shit and you become a better person. So today we're taking the high road and getting on some rings to see if we can gain control of some MU progressions.

A.)muscle up progressions

 - ring control skill / kips

- hip to rings

- floor transitions

- Opening of hips on floor

- attempts

B.) Metcon - for total reps

Death by - pull-ups (3 reps added per minute)


Death by - push-ups

Death by = 

Min 1 : 3 reps

Min 2 : 6 reps

Min 3 : 9 reps

Min 4 : 12 reps

.... Etc

Go until you can not complete the amount of reps needed in that minute. That is your final score aka you're dead. And move on to exact same format for push-ups. No rest, straight into first 3 reps of 1st min. Final score will be minute you die on push-ups. Everyone will be in a different spot so make sure to count correctly.

C.) 1000m row - for time

While people are on the rowers doing their row, others will be practicing hand stand work on the wall or freestanding. Use your time wisely!

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