More pull-ups?!


The entire gym just went crazy on Isabel.. It pays as whole facility to give a shit about good movement.. Because monster PRs like today tend to happen more frequently. 

Today's WOD

A.) WHAT.... More PULL-UPS?!

1 max effort set of pull-ups

B.) going long

800m run

50 Double Unders

50 KB swing 24/16kg

50 double unders

50 Goblet Lunge 24/16

50 double unders

50 SumoDeadliftHighPull 24/16

800m run


The reason we are seeing pull-ups so frequently is because the open is upon us. So we're not doing a ton of them in one day, we're spreading the volume around a bit more so at the end of the week our total rep count ends up being higher. It's just to make sure we're ready to smash some pull-up wods.