11th attribute of fitness


CrossFit works so well for so many because we focus on more than just what the mirror reflects.

 'Fitness' itself has a definition and is inclusive of 10 specific attributes. An individual must be fully capable of all 10 attributes to be considered fit (strength, power, agility, coordination, flexibility, stamina endurance, accuracy, speed, balance).... Now I've been thinking this for a while, and now seeing more and more articles written on the topic, my point is validated. I believe there to be an 11th attribute of fitness. The 11th attribute is found between the ears, it's an athletes state of mind / confidence level. This can make or break an athlete. It can also take an athlete from average to elite by simply being confident in oneself and knowing you can do whatever is in front of you. Strength and physical capabilities can only take you so far. If an athlete has a back squat of 300lbs, has no flexibility issues, but can only snatch 100lbs.. i would put there weakness at no other item than confidence / commitment... Be confident in your endeavors and never doubt your ability.. You're more capable than you think you are. Commit to excellence, it's a sure path to confidence.



Today's WOD

A.) Strict Press

5 x 1 @ 90%

B.) "...-_-"


Shoulder 2 overhead 185/115

*800m run after each round