Teen Rippers.


A big passion of ours at HYPE is influencing the younger culture in a positive manor. One of the initial reasons for opening was to be able to give the younger generation proper guidance within a weight room. Teach them how to use experiences inside the weight room and put them into real life context (When things get hard, dont give up. Integrity of exceeding expectations I.e. full range of motion/ proper execution on every single rep, and counting all your reps to hold them accountable...etc) We also want to give them the jump start they'll need with tackling high school /collegiate /professional athletics.. We have more than 15 rippers in our teens class now.. Within the class they show what team work is all about. Nobody gets left behind and regardless of athletic ability they all amp each other up to push harder.. 


Today's WOD

A.) Back Squat 

5 x 1 @ 90%

B.) 2013 WZA wod 4 (mod)

20 burpees 

28 Hand Release push-ups

21 Overhead Squats 115/80


15 OHS



20 Burpees



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