Know those feels.

Keep them brotein macros high because we've got the hydrostatic fat test coming back to town Saturday February 21st. Working on prizes for participants who succeed in hitting their targets of losing fat / gaining muscle.

Today's WOD

A.) PushPress

Work up to Heavy set of 5

B.) Power Snatch + Above Knee Hang Squat Snatch

(1 + 1) x 5 @ 75%

C.) 7 min AMRAP

7 burpees 

7 chest 2 bar pull-ups

In this wod! If you can do ANY chest 2 bar pull-ups.. Do the wod RX! I don't care if its 1 round.. The open is close and c2b is an integral part of doing well. If you get under 2 rounds RX, Stay 5 mins late and do a couple of max effort sets of pull-ups to get some more volume in.